Roy Sciacca Stresses the Importance of Digital Strategy

Long before the internet became a nationwide commodity, Roy Sciacca understood the importance it would play in marketing, especially in the entertainment industry. Roy Sciacca is a music industry professional who utilized the power of internet marketing long before it became standard for musical artists. In 1999, Roy Sciacca signed a worldwide merchandising licensing deal with artist Ricky Martin.

Roy Sciacca

Roy Sciacca

During the course of their business relationship, Roy Sciacca founded the official “On-Line” fan club for Ricky Martin. Though internet usage wasn’t as mainstream in 1999 as it is today, the club gained prominence online and helped Martin solidify his base of loyal fans. By thinking ahead of the curve, Roy Sciacca was able to market Ricky Martin using a method that was ahead of its time.

“We were really pioneering the way for everyone else,” says Roy Sciacca of the 1999 Ricky Martin online fan club. “There was no one else to look to for example. We were one of the first musical acts to take advantage of this marketing platform.” Though the internet is now a common commodity, Roy Sciacca says it’s important for musical artists and the entertainment industry as a whole to continue pushing the envelope.

Roy Sciacca

Roy Sciacca

“We’re creators,” says Roy Sciacca. “It’s all about creating a new experience for the audience through interaction and the music they hear.” Indeed, Roy Sciacca is known for his creativity and innovation in marketing musical acts.

As the internet continues to expand and develop, Roy Sciacca utilize the strength of social media to boost the artist profiles and engage fans. With the internet, Roy Sciacca is able to connect artists with fans all over the globe without worrying about geographical boundaries. Roy Sciacca expects the internet to continue evolving the way artists interact with their fans.


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